Pets are the best friends!

Hey guys!

Ok so as you may or may not know (don’t lie, I know you know!) that I have a beautiful kitten called Luna. Since bringing Luna into our lives, everything has brightened up considerably! So in tribute to all the great pets out there, I thought I’d discuss what makes pets the best friends EVER!

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I’m back!!!


Hey guys!

I’m back, with a snazzy new name and some pretty awesome ideas! Those of you that know me, know I love mermaids, hence the name change. A lot has changed since we last spoke…where do I begin?!

Ok so maybe the biggest news of all…I got a kitten! She’s my baby, she’s called Luna and is just the cutest little thing you’ll ever see! She’s just past 5 months, but being the runt, she’s still as diddy as ever!Read More »