Bucket List

Hey mer-friends,

So I thought I should write a bucket list of things I want to achieve in my life (preferably in the next 3 years, before I’m 30!). I will add to the list as I go, as well as cross off what I manage to achieve! I vow to blog about each experience, no matter how minor! So…bring it on!

  1. Start and complete a new photography project.
  2. Start a jewellery making course.
  3. Go scuba diving.
  4. Go to Amsterdam.
  5. Have a proper holiday with Jack.
  6. Hit my 50 mark with Black Milk.
  7. Run a 5k.
  8. Learn an instrument.
  9. Reach the top of Snowdon.
  10. Get a second tattoo.
  11. Attend a blogger event.
  12. Put on/help put on a Black Milk meet.
  13. Visit Portmerion.
  14. Visit Scotland.
  15. Learn to crotchet/knit.
  16. Learn to cook at least 5 new dishes.
  17. Learn to speak a new language.
  18. Paint a masterpiece.
  19. Further myself in my career.
  20. Complete my associate fellowship.

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