The dangers of misinformation!

So if you haven’t guessed it by now, I’m an Endometriosis sufferer. (Of course you’ve guessed it, I talk about it in like, every post!). Recently theres been so many posts in the media about Endometriosis (which is great of course!) but a few days ago there was one entitled something along the lines of “Woman nearly DIES from Endometriosis”. I’ll be honest, the articles I saw were posted on the online versions of numerous rags such as The Sun and The Mirror. Not exactly the most believable papers in the first place. I also recently saw an article that was entitled “Period cramps are as painful as a heart attack” – (to be honest, there is some truth to this, but the articles is just written in the most RIDICULOUS way!).


Now I’m not going to lie, I have had those insane, severely painful cramps where you think its the end of your life and you hear the woosh of Satan carriage as he arrives to pull you down to the fiery depths where you have to live out eternity in your own personal hell (mine is that none of my clothes fit by like the tiniest amount and my hair always needs a wash no matter what I do – a lot like my reality right now!), but I feel like I need to quash some of these rumours and articles that sends many a girl into a frenzy.

When you’re first diagnosed, or you first hear the word Endometriosis when being referred for your laparoscopy, its hard not the research EVERYTHING on this internet. Hell, even when you’ve been diagnosed as long as I have, its hard not to fall down the research rabbit hole every now and then. But be warned, there are some scary articles online and terrifying stories. Almost weekly I see at least one article posted saying a fellow sister passed away from Endometriosis, or that a fellow sister had Endometrial tissue growing inside her heart, or worse, her brain. But let me tell you, these are NOT normal stories.


Its extremely rare to develop Endometriosis in your lungs, heart or on your brain. Womb, ovaries, bladder, bowel – yes of course. But lungs, heart and brain, its a completely different story. Thats not saying it doesn’t happen, it definitely does, but its really not worth stressing yourself over. And in terms of Endo suffers passing away, yes people do, and yes, it can be indirectly due to Endometriosis, it could be a rare complication during routine surgery, or an underlying condition discovered during surgery for Endo, or sadly for some of our sisters, the terrible battle against their own personal demons gets too much and they are gone before their time.

Of course I’m not saying “these things don’t happen, you should stop researching everything and stop pushing for answer”, but more “stop believing EVERYTHING you read on the internet”. Its vastly important that we find an answer, but scaring each other is not the way to do it. The pain we endure every day is bad enough, lets not making it worse by terrifying each other over the smallest little thing.


Education is one of our most powerful weapons about this disease. Endo morphes and changes from girl to girl, but its principle factors are the same. Quite often, news articles have some truth to them, but its all about reading between the lines. This disease is awful enough without the scare tactics and exaggerations from writers who don’t understand this disease.

What your thoughts? What are your opinions on the news articles that have been circulating recently?

Abbie xx


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