2017 is the year of…what?

So 2017 has started, and what’s happened so far..? Well, luckily, there hasn’t been any major celebrity deaths (something I’m sure 2016 will be remembered for, for a very long time). Trump has be inaugurated to The White House, and Obama and Michelle are out *sobs heavily*. Woman’s March took place on Saturday (the day after Trump’s inauguration). Theresa May has taken a trade gamble with the EU and the single market. And its only the 23rd of the month.


In my reality, things are a little less imposing, but none the less, they’ve happened. Black Milk are now charging postage, which will mean customs will be a definite. Jack has gone abroad for the second time this month leaving me to fend for myself. Luna has been very disruptive at night, keeping me up and making me sleepy all day! My Endometriosis has been playing up a considerable amount, but due to a couple of hospital visits over xmas, I’ve managed to wangle an appointment with my specialist on 7th February.


And there’s plenty more for me to look forward to throughout 2017. Jack and I have booked a holiday for 10 days in June to Italy, with the plan of landing in Naples, travelling over the Rome and ending in Venice. We hit the 6 year mark of our relationship. Luna is going to turn 1 and I can’t wait to spoil her! I’m currently undertaking a HEA Fellowship course to become and associate fellow, and I’ll have been in my job a year by 3rd May. I have a couple of hen do’s to attend, Jack a couple of stags. I have at least 2 weddings I’ll be attending, one of which is a camping wedding!


So what are my hopes for the next 11-12 months? Well, I’d like to get a handle on my knitting and crocheting (Its actually easier than it looks!) and potentially start selling some items. I am planning on completing my associate fellowship, which will give me more insight into teaching at a higher education level. I plan on losing 3 stone (something easier said than done…ate a brownie for breakfast…) and I want to finally pay off as much of my debt as I can. I also plan to be the best human I can be, by doing my research, educating myself and doing my best to ensure what’s right is right in the world. Oh and finish the Gilmore Girls series.

Until next time…
Abbie x



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