How to do Christmas when you’re a total Scrooge, like me!

So, if you’re anything like me, Halloween is a lot more fun than Christmas. I’ll admit it, there are aspects of Christmas I can’t stand. Aspects I full on loath. And aspects I just have a minor dislike for. Altogether, Christmas is rubbish. Yes the drinking is really fun, the eating too, and some of the socializing is good (some of it mandatory), but other than that, I just don’t get the Christmas hype. So I thought I’d do a how to for those who have a similar out look on the festivities, and how you can make the holiday more bearable for you, and yourself more bearable for those around you!


  1. Rep an alternative Christmas jumper. I have a Harry Potter sweater printed in the style of a Christmas jumper. It hasn’t got anything christmassy on it, but the design is taken from the Christmas jumper style. Its cosy, its ‘festive’, and I feel cool wearing it.


2. Get involved with at least 1 Christmas decorative activity. I actually do 2, but 1 will still get you by. I put up a tree with Jack (decorated my way), and for the past 2 years I’ve gone to a class to make something with my mum and some family friends. We made a wreath this year. Its a good way to get by at Christmas. People won’t be on your back to get in the festive spirit, andΒ you get to, sort of, do your own thing.

3. Give random and quirky gifts. is great for this. So is the highstreet shop Tiger. The quirkier and more random a gift is, the more fun you’ll have finding it. Christmas shopping is not fun, so definitely doing something a little alternative will give you a little boost!

4. Give homemade gifts. If you’re creative, and you get satisfaction from making things, go for it and get creative with the homemade gifts. Baking, homemade wine, knitted bits and bobs, even getting photographs printed for someone all counts towards a creative gift. You can also make these more personal to the recipient, winning you bonus points.


5. Take advantage of all the incredible food and drink. Christmas is the one time you can go for it and no one can say anything. However, food is a social event, especially during the festive period. My advice, try everything available to you. People will think you’re loving the atmosphere of Christmas, and you get to indulge!


I can’t promise that you will fool anyone, and I can’t promise you’ll have a great time, but sometimes its worth it just to see the look on everyone else faces! You might surprise yourself, and you might end up having a blast! And if all else fails, theres always that vat of mulled wine to work your way through!

Abbie xx



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