Immobile self care

Hey guys,

So I wanted to talk to you about all the things you can do to make yourself feel awesome! More often than not, when you’re feeling down, having a bad mental health day, not feeling 100% and all in all are in a bad place, then your doctors, magazines, friends, family will give you tips on self care. Number 1 tip – EXERCISE. Now if you can exercise, do it, it honestly will make you feel heaps better. But, if like me, you have episodes where something gets in the way that you have zero control over i.e. a chronic illness, then there are plenty of other things you can do to improve your mood. Its just finding the right balance!

For me, when I’m having an endo attack (which are happening extremely regularly these days) I struggle to walk long distances, and running just feels like I’ve got a tennis ball bouncing around in my abdomen. I also get extremely tired quickly. The pain also makes my leg go numb which is just a recipe for no exercise! So here are a few tips I’ve found that make me feel a bit more human and improve my mental health!

  1. Have a bath or a shower. I seriously find submerging myself in water makes me feel 10 times better. And if you’re a girl, nothing feels healthier than giving your hair a good wash. If you don’t have a bath and can’t laze around for an hour or so, then just take your time in the shower. If you need to have a little cry, this is the perfect place too, because your tears and snotty nose will just wash away.
  2. Have a cuppa. A tea will always calm your nerves. I find it ever so comforting. Not a big fan of tea? That’s ok, a hot black current, a hot chocolate, or even a coffee will help. Theres big comfort in warm drinks, and as a big tea drinker, I swear by them!
  3. Reach out to someone. sometimes, just reaching out to someone on facebook messenger or over the phone will make a big difference to your mental health. Having a good old natter with a friend you might not of caught up with recently is a sure fire way to distract you from any pain and if they make you laugh – bonus! Laughing is infectious, and will always improve your mood tenfold.
  4. Snuggles and cuddles. It could be with your other half, your pet, your favourite teddy bear or even just a hot water bottle and a blanket. Snuggling up with give you a nice sense of feeling safe and is the perfect thing to do along side a cup of tea and a read of a nice book or watching a good movie.
  5. Eat well. (Note I said well and not ‘healthy’.) Eating well includes making healthy choices, but also treating yourself when you need it. If a nice homemade soup tickles your fancy then go for it, but at the same time, if you fancy a cheeky curry from the Indian down the road, then you have that extra naan bread AND order a pudding too – you deserve it! Along as you’re conscious of what you’re eating and are making healthy choices 75% of the time, you’ll be ok having a treat meal a couple of times a week!
  6. Dress up. I always feel better if I have a nice hot shower, blow dry and style my hair, chuck on some Black Milk and have a play with my makeup. Just making myself look more human makes me feel better.
  7. Treat yo’ self! If you can afford it, then feel free to treat yourself to little gifts now and then. If I’m having a really bad attack, then a delivery of Black Milk or a new eye shadow palette makes a huge difference. Something new just makes me feel better, although maybe thats the shopaholic in me!
  8. Be a little selfish now and then. I don’t mean be so selfish that you lose friends and create enemies. But, if you’re not feeling well enough to go out and you just want to stay in and chill out, then do that. Your friends will understand. If you don’t feel like you’ve got the energy to help out with that project you told you co-worker you’d help them with, despite not being paid extra for it, that’s ok, ask to push it back a day or two. And if you want to eat that whole bar of chocolate to yourself and not share with anyone else, then shove it all in your face before anyone else can get their little mitts on it! Trust me, there are way more selfish people out there than you. Donald Trump for example.

Ultimately, you need to find your own ways to cope with your pain, and how to self care for yourself. But I hope my suggestions have helped and if you find they don’t work for you, thats ok, hopefully they can provide you with some inspiration for your own!

Abbie xx


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