A whole lot of nothing…

Ok so to be honest, not much has happened since we last spoke, but I thought it was worth me doing a catch up post! Here are a few things that have happened since my last post…

  1. It’s been firework night! Luna was very well behaved and didn’t get spooked at all. Very proud of her!
  2. I’ve been playing with lots of makeup! I’ll show you some looks when I get a bit more confident with my face.
  3. Jack and I tidied the whole house. It’s super clean. It’s so beautiful.
  4. I went and worked at my old restaurant for a Saturday shift. That was fun, although I’m glad its not my full time job anymore.
  5. I’ve kept to my promise and not had any alcohol since 1st November. Go me!

I’ve got a couple of posts in the works, and am taking the time off work tomorrow for a tooth extraction (eek!) so I will have plenty of time to get some posts out to you all tomorrow! Until then, be good!

Abbie xx


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