Just give me 5 minutes!

Ok so todays blog post comes in the form of more of a rant. But there are hundreds of you out there, men and women alike, who will know EXACTLY how I’m feeling. That feeling when, for whatever reason, you just need 5 minutes to calm down, collect yourself, or de-stress. It could be at work or at home, but it happens to each of us at least once in our lives! You just need 5 minutes of time out, where everyone around you isn’t attempting to rip you into pieces. A 5 minute gap where you can lend yourself all of your attention. It could even be 30 seconds. Just a breather, where you can get everything in order and start the day again.

Well you know what, after teaching dance, working in nightclubs and bars, running a restaurant and now working with students, I can tell you that there is nothing more important than taking that time. I know sometimes it feels impossible, it feels like the world will fall down, everyone will blame you if something goes wrong, and guess what? They might. But you know something? You are not super human. You can only do so much and if you need that time out, damn girl! You’re entitled to it!

There’s nothing worse than doing a job you hate, and if you don’t allow yourself that time out when things get tough, you WILL begin to hate it. Trust me, I’ve been there. The more stressed you are, the more other people read off it, and mirror how you feel. Naturally, people will always mirror the more negative emotion, unless they are actually Mr Happy from the Mr Men books. And so what if something goes wrong? Unless you’ve killed or seriously injured someone, set the place on fire or done something illegal, then don’t panic – EVERYTHING ELSE is fixable.

You need that time to think clearly, to separate yourself from the situation. Whether its a multitude of things happening and you’re trying to keep on top of them as the pass you by quickly, or whether its 1 big task that is just wearing you down, taking sometime, having a breath, a glug of water and letting your mind wander, even for the moment, really is the best medicine. (Never underestimate the power of water on your ability to think clearly!) I get that its hard, but sometimes you need to be selfish, and help yourself!

Abbie xx


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