Zombie Mermaid surprise…


Hey guys!

Its been a couple of weeks since we last spoke, and wow, what a couple of weeks its been. It was my 27th birthday and as it turns out, I have amazing friends and family. Let me start from the beginning.

Recently, I’ve been fairly down, with my mental health on its own little rollercoaster. I didn’t want to make a fuss about my birthday, preferring to plan a meal out on the Friday, a couple of drinks on the Saturday and then spending the day out with Jack doing ‘something fun’. I’m one of those few who’s birthday is always a let down for some reason or another and I just can’t stand it anymore. Or so I thought…

Saturday I went shopping with my mum to buy some birthday boots. When 4pm rolled around she got all weird, and had to leave. I didn’t think anything of it really, I know she’s not too keen on shopping so I wasn’t too worried. I wandered home and had a quick nap, before getting ready and heading the The Vine, my favorite place for Thai food. Shortly after, we headed to The Frog and Fiddle to meet my friends for a pint.


Little did I know, my friends were upstairs, organizing the most amazing surprise party for me and another friend called Nick, who recently turned 40. We were dragged upstairs and ‘SURPRISE!’, around 40 people were there to celebrate our birthdays with us, including my mum, brother and his girlfriend. It was zombie mermaid theme, which fitted both our personalities nicely, with awesome homemade decorations all over the place.


I spent the entire evening smiling, and although I was suffering with my endometriosis and anxiety, even made it out to The 2 Pigs for a couple of drinks before home time. I really couldn’t (I still can’t), believe the effort the girls and my mum went to. After having such a tough year it really showed to me that a little bit of love and friendship can go a ridiculously long way. My mood has been on a high since last weekend, with only 2 little wobbles that I’ve managed to control, by speaking out about them.

After an amazing night, we headed home and collapsed into bed, ready for birthday surprise number 2, a trip to Longleat Safari! This just cemented my weekend even more and I spent the whole trip smiling.


From this experience, I really can say that if someone is struggling, making something of them and showing them how much everyone loves them makes such a difference. For me, that was a surprise party. For someone else, it might just be inviting someone to meet up for a coffee, or sending them a card in the post. My demons haven’t gone anywhere, and I don’t think they will for a long while. But I’ve learnt that no matter how lonely I feel, there are people there who do love me, who are willing to throw a party for me, spoil me with presents and sink a beer or two when having a chat. Just remember, you could be that person to someone else.

Until next time,

Abbie x




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