Sunday’s outfit

What’s up guys?

So here it is, my first outfit of the day (OOTD) post. Bare (bear?) with me, there’s a first time for everything! No I’m not going to pretend I’m super fashionable, and know all there is to know about style, who the newest model is or the importance of contouring, but I like to think I know what suits me personally. So I plan on bringing you some bits and bobs from the high street, as well as online bargains and of course, how I style my Black Milk. So…without further ado…

Here is me, looking extremely sheepish (there was a family walking along the road just off camera, all having a good old stare), and with a little bit of lacked confidence, I didn’t feel comfortable going for the full ‘photoshoot’. But hey ho. As you can see, I love to be casual. Leggings and Tshirts are my favorite staples, and my jacket was new on Saturday and I already love it!

Here I am actually wearing a catsuit from Black Milk – The Mechanical Bones 1.0. This is actually a museum piece now BUT, they have the 2.0 still on sale on the site which you can find here! It really is beautiful and a total staple, especially if you’re not feeling your best but still want to rock your awesome BM. I paired my catsuit with a comfy, baggy Tshirt from the staples section in New Look, just to give me that chilled out look.

On my feet are my lovely new boots from Rocket Dog. I got them from Schuh and are called ‘Thunder Blankie‘ – your guess is as good as mine on the name! They are uber comfortable, cosy and so far, have looked great with everything I’ve paired them will. I do get a slight feel of Doc Martins with them but a little bit more dainty?

Next up is my new jacket from H&M. I feel it was a bit of a steal at £25. Its super comfy, has a built in grey hood and goes with everything! Considering it is just denim, it is fairly cosy. I got a size 14 (which I generally am in tops anyway) and it has that great oversized feel to it. The sleeves also roll down so you can cover your forearms if you’re a bit chilly!

As you can see, Luna loves my jacket! My only slight criticism of the jacket is that the pockets inside are not attached to the outside of the jacket, so they do flap around a bit. Its a fixable problem though with a simple stitch here and there to hold it in place. There was also a green version with slightly different pocket placement which was a heavier canvas material, if that floats your boat!

Overall I loved my outfit yesterday. It was comfy and warm but also cool when the sun shone for 30 seconds!

Catch ya soon!

Abbie xx


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