Standard Issue Magazine


This evening I went along to an event at the Cheltenham Comedy Festival. It was hosted by Sarah Millican, along with a panel of other female comedians (or just comedians – ya know, i’m all for equal rights!) along with the editor of Standard Issue Magazine, Mickey Noonan.

Now I’d never heard of Standard Issue Magazine before tonight. In fact my mum just got us tickets because we both love Sarah Millican. But boy, did I love the show!

From what I’ve gathered (I’ve done some reading this evening since returning home), Standard Issue is an online magazine designed for ‘all women’. It focuses on real issues for women, such as feminism, real news (not celeb gossip) etc etc. There are also podcasts on there from previous shows. It was co founded by Sarah Millican with several regular writers. Essentially, it’s the sort of thing I’d like to guest write for.

So onto tonight. Hosted by Sarah Millican and Micky Noonan, with a panel of guests, Micky asks the questions and everyone replies individually. It’s a really simple format, but it works. This evening, the comedians that joined the former two were Sarah Kendle, Holly Wash, and drum roll please…Dawn French! (Yes, I nearly cried, and yes my mum and I got a selfie with her!)

I was suitably taken by all 5 ladies, and I truly felt I could relate to them. I know, I know, I’m 26, and they’re all 35+ with marriage and kids and successful careers, but seriously, I felt like they just got me and my life! The comedy was there, but so was the truth, and honestly, it was a blast. It was incredible to hear them talking about their idols, their experiences, and their lives, interjected with hilarity and honesty. There was a slight feminist tone to the show (of course), yet it was suitably refreshing! It was lighthearted, with great undertone of equality and joy from all participants.
I could not recommend seeing any of these women more than enough, their experiences lead to great honesty and hilarity. I’m looking forward to having more of a read of the Standard Issue Magazine. Check it out for yourself!


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