Burkini Life


Ok so the French police are currently in the news for asking a woman to remove her ‘Burkini’. If you are not in the know, a Burkini (or Burquini) is essentially swimwear designed for Islamic women to go to the beach in, feel comfortable and protect their modesty, if they so wish. In fact, plenty of non-Islamic women have purchased them – Nigella Lawson being one of many. Like, its literally a water proof Burka but with a Hijab scarf type thing instead of the completely covered face. To wear on the beach. Or at the pool. That is it.

The woman was on the beach when the police arrived.

So whats the deal. Well the French police didn’t just ask, they essentially demanded a lovely lady – who was doing no harm, just soaking up the rays in her Burkini – remove it, for fear of a terrorist attack. And they wouldn’t leave her be. WHAT THE HELL?!

French agency AFP saw a ticket given to the woman by police, which said she was not ‘wearing an outfit respecting good morals and secularism’.

There has been a Burka ban in France since 2014, where in any woman caught in public wearing a Burka that hides the face will be fined. The reason is that the French government who whoever the hell makes up these stupid laws, is that it is a sign of enslavement and not religion.

Right so answer me this, why would a woman be refused the wear a Burkini that DID NOT COVER HER FACE?! You can clearly see in the pictures, that her face is not covered. More to the point, surely there’s a freedom of dress? This Burkini does not go against state rules, in fact, it abides by them (you can see her face) so why was she being targeted? Does this mean that if Lady Gaga was to grace France with her presence and wear a full faced mask, she would be penalized? I think not. (Ok maybe using Gaga as a reference is a bit extreme but you get my drift…)

The other side of this, is that this woman also faced abuse from other beach goers, not all, but several. And some were women. I mean, she’s already being humiliated, what is your problem?! Women are penalized because of what they wear, what their race is, how they have their hair, what age they are…we literally have the world against us, why fight against each other. As shown in the below image, we really are never in the right position when it comes to our own bodies, and that’s just sad!

So to finish my rant (which will be visited again at a later date), ladies, please support each other. Whether its a religion that you may or may not understand, a culture you’re unsure of or even just someone you’ve never met, please don’t let anyone ever by subjected to humiliation like this, purely because they’re a woman. And remember, just because you don’t understand a race or a culture, it doesn’t mean they’re wrong or they’re right. Just stick together.

And ultimately ladies, wear what the hell you want, you’ll be criticized for it anyway!


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