Honey, I’m home!

Good evening! Hope everyone’s well. Just wanted to update on what’s going on in my life.

Jack and I have moved house, to the area I grew up in and love. We’ve moved from our 5th floor flat with no lift and a damp patch on the wall to a beautiful little house with a garden and a quiet neighbourhood. It’s amazing.

I don’t have the whole house in order yet, and I have a few bits and pieces I need to make and repurpose to make it more homely, but I have a couple of snaps now if you’re interested…


I was first to cook in the kitchen, which is 4 times bigger than our old one. I absolutely love it and can’t wait to get my little window sill herb garden on the go 🙊


We also had our first BBQ. Not just in the new house, but of the year! We don’t have a furniture set outside yet, but we dragged out some bits and pieces so my family could have somewhere to sit.


Luna is also loving her new home. She finds the built in wardrobe hilarious and as she’s never experienced stairs before, she’s happy as Larry!

We’re super happy here and can’t wait to get everything sorted and ready, it’s got so much potential to be a home for years 😊


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